23 Beautiful Mandala Drawing Coloring Paint You Will Love

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Coloring Paint is the perfect tool for beginning artists of all kinds and backgrounds. The Mandala painting can be carried out on any size canvas. This size of canvas will allow you to move the Mandala on it, making the colors wash over you to become very vivid in color and pattern. Some of the basic mandalas used are: The Square, Heart, Stars, and other circular patterns. By using your imagination, you can create an unlimited number of different Mandala designs.

While coloring the mandala, it is important to use a soft brush for applying the colors. Once you are done coloring the mandala, use a good quality and clean liquid acrylic/watercolor to dry it. Keep your mandala in a dark place, out of direct sunlight. For adults, they can even use a drawer or box for their mandala. You can also use tape to label your mandala and put it in a specific location, or any place where you are able to keep it away from the light. It will not fade or deteriorate from being exposed to the sun.

Some of the good websites to learn more about mandalas are: Colorwand.com, Colorscanada.com, TheMandalaCircle.com, and dozens of others. It is a good idea to purchase a couple of copies of your mandala coloring book or pattern. These books will help you find new mandalas and help you decide on which colors are best to use. Also, coloring books can come in handy while at your local craft store.