26 Best Fruit Mandala Drawing Ideas

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The Fruit Mandala, the base of all Indian art, is the most famous piece in the world because of its unique shape. It was first conceived by a yogi called Bhaagavati around the fifth century B.C. and is the masterpiece of one of the most learned, creative minds in the history of the world. In order to learn how to draw the fruit mandala, first you need to understand how to draw them.

Mandala is a drawing made from lines and shapes that are joined together in some patterns or shapes. This arrangement of these lines and shapes gives it the shape and the form of a sphere. The mandala is made up of five lines that join together at each corner and four lines that join together at the middle of the Mandala. This gives it a most unique shape with each segment of the mandala making up five points of the sphere and two points making up four segments. Therefore, the mandala is seen as a very important representation of spiritual concepts of the Hindu faith.

To begin your Fruit Mandala Drawing, you first need to know where to start. To do this, you must learn the various stages of the mandala. The most important is to learn where and how to start from. All the different regions of the mandala have different shapes and sizes and the lines and shapes that you use to create the fruit mandala, you need to be aware of their sizes. Once you understand their size, you can start to draw them, using simple strokes and penning them with the help of paper and pencil. To draw the mandala is not hard. This mandala drawing is an easy process and anyone can do it.