27 Hilarious Quotes For Protective Parents

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So where does Motherhood Quotes come from? You might not know, but that’s because they’ve been around for a long time. Why? Because the government has been promoting Motherhood Quotes for some time now. Why are they doing this?

Well, if you’ll recall, there was a government sponsored study in Canada that went down to test mothers and fathers on how much time they spent raising their children. What happened? Well, the government used the results of this study to convince them to pass mandatory adoption legislation. The motherhood quotes were around before that, but they’ve only been made mandatory now that the adoption laws were passed. Now the government is no longer taking care of motherhood and instead it wants to take over from that point on. They want to force both parents to work together, because what parent wants to spend the majority of their time with their child but doesn’t feel like they are getting their fair share of child rearing?

That’s a significant factor of the Quotes to consider. In fact, that’s the first thing we should talk about, is how much time are we spending with our children. In some cases, these quotes have actually become a part of the parenting system. There are so many items on the market today that encourage motherhood and all you have to do is find one to fit your taste. Think about it, when you’re buying a new book about parenting for your child, do you look for Motherhood Quotes?