30 Beautiful Leaf Mandala Drawing Pictures

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Lotus is one of the most popular and well-liked herb in the Asian and western world. The Lotus is a symbol of wealth, power, and prosperity. However, its beauty lies in its power to attract, re-shape and heal. These beautiful flowers are representative of happiness, peace and love. In fact, these flowers are used in a lot of different ancient symbols. Another representation of Lotus that is worth mentioning is in the shape of a lotus flower.

Lotus drawing has become more popular with time. Most often when we talk about lotus, it refers to the animal and insects. With the passage of time, it has become a universal symbol and used in a lot of different countries in all types of art. Due to the increase in popularity of lotus drawing, artists have the liberty to create a lot of different art designs in order to portray this symbol in different colors and forms. One of the most important part in creating a representation of the lotus is the creation of the mandala. Mandala is used as a symbol of balance in lotus. In order to draw a mandala, artists need to think of a straight line connecting two points.

Mandala is not only used for drawing lotus but for all kinds of abstract art. These shapes represent forms of life. Mandala have been used by different cultures and religions as an icon for spiritual healing and enlightening. These shapes are also used in order to symbolize spiritual life force energy. They are used in almost all forms of art that involves spiritual healing and light. It can be said that mandala can be said to be one of the oldest and traditional symbols in the art world. Apart, from Mandala, the Lotus has also been a very popular symbol for both young and old and can be used to symbolize a person’s beauty, grace and wealth.