31 Beautiful Dot Painting On Pots You Can Try

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There are various methods to do dot painting on pots. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can get colorful patterns to add to your potting dish by using floral and animal patterns. You can use a bunch of dots to decorate your dish. You can be inspired by the small size of the dots to decorate the surface of your pot. After you have finished the dot painting on your pot, you will see how nice the final product would look like. The nature of the dot coloring depends on the strength of the colors used and the conditions of where you are dot painting on pots.

So, it is advisable to experiment with the dot painting on pots before putting your hands into the business. Some of the method to dot paint on pots include the following. One of the techniques to dot paint on pots is the monochromatic technique. In this technique, you use one single color to dot of paint on the surface of the pot. You can choose two or three colors to dot of paint on the surface of the pot. You can also find several methods to dot paint on pots and they vary from one pot to another. You should try different methods to get the desired results.

One of the fun ways to dot paint on pots is the dot painting on random designs. By using various random shapes of dots, you can be able to bring about variety and visual interest to your pot. One can also try to utilize the stencils for dot painting on pots. You can either stencil the patterns of your choice or be able to use various types of stencils to create the desired effects. In order to be able to create more wonderful patterns on your pot, you can also try different sizes of dots and try your hand on dot painting on bowls.