Beautiful Lotus Flower Mandala Drawing Pictures

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Lotus Flower Mandala Drawing is a wonderful art form, which has been going strong for centuries now. It is an excellent art form for young and old alike. A Lotus Flower Mandala is comprised of a circle which is occupied by a small flower in a central circle. The entire mandala symbolizes a soul, a focus, a rainbow and many other things. It is a universal symbol, that has endless meaning. This is how the magic of this Mandala is derived from.

There are several sources for the mandala. In the eastern world, the mandala is brought forth by the Hindu god of dance. On the other hand, mandalas were derived from the Chinese civilization which refers to them as the mystic mandalas. As time passed by, mandalas were thought to be originated from China and then the western world. For some reason, these mandalas were associated with good luck. These mandalas had been in existence long before Christianity came into existence. The creation of mandalas is very complex.

To make a mandala, a circle is made, thus creating a lotus flower. Another important aspect of a mandala is the choice of colors. You should decide the color combination of the flower based on your purpose. The colors should look good together. If you would like to make a mandala for a wedding, the color combination can be changed by choosing different colors. This is something you can decide to do, and not an option.